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A passion for all things dark propels a Canadian born, self taught highschool drop out to work tirelessly to hone
his airbrushing skills to become one of the top airbrush artists in the world.  Such is the story of Jay Ferguson. 

A master of the airbrush, Jay’s obsession with challenging boundaries has led to vivid mages of demonic nuns or gaunt and bloody she-warriors escaping from his vivid sinister magination onto canvas, forever immortalized for all to see.


Preferring his trusted airbrush as weapon of choice Jay has however forged his way into the digital art world , successfully able to transition keeping true to his brand and vision.  An in demand comic cover artist he elects to work with small independent publishing companies rather than larger publishers where his artistic vision may be censored or tamed.  Such partnerships allow Jay to remain underground, in the shadows, if you will.

Although his fan base is large and comments like these could easily make for a typical inflated artist ego, Jay remains humbled by the fact that his artwork is collected by fans worldwide and is honoured that the heart and soul he pours into his art hang in his loyal collectors homes.

Jay continues to seek innovative ways to propel his artwork. Although he makes no secret of his distaste (to put it lightly) for the censorship that is forced upon many artists who use social media platforms, he appreciates that these platforms allow him to keep his fans insatiable appetite for his work appeased.

But as long as they stay hungry for his art Jay intends on giving them what they want, serving it up one blood dripping spectral morsel after another.

The beautiful words of

- Lady Anto Nella -

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