Q - How long does commissioned artwork take?

  A - Typical turnaround time is 4 -8 weeks.  Wait time can vary, depending on the time of year, and the complexity of the artwork.  Winter is typically the busy season.  

  Q - Do I need to provide you with reference photos?

  A - Yes, and no.  I require high resolution reference photos when painting portraits.  For most other artwork, reference photos are not required.

Q - How is your artwork shipped?  

A - All artwork, commissioned or purchased through my store is shipped  by Canada Post.

Q - I wanted a piece from your store, but it has sold.  Will you paint another one?  

A - Unfortunately no.  I will not duplicate a piece, as this takes away the uniqueness of the original.  I will however do a new original variation.

Q - How much does your artwork cost?  

A - I do not have a set price list.  All artwork is priced on a individual basis.  Many factors will determine the cost. Complexity of the subject, size, surface, and estimated time to complete the artwork. Please email or call  for a accurate quote.

Once we have agreed upon a price, a 50% deposit is required up front.  No exceptions.
The remaining balance is to be paid when the work is completed.